A few words about us

The business consulting / advice / coaching / mentoring industry is unregulated and as such anyone can decide to be a business consultant / advisor / coach / mentor or some may attend an information session from one of the many franchise or template coaching systems out there and decide to give that a go.

Our difference is expertise from experience - We are not a franchise nor are we template based, all our associates are ex executives who have excellent track records of running, managing and growing businesses. Our role, as experienced business executives, is filling the gap by providing objective and practical advice or being a sounding board to bounce ideas off or talk to about any matter, and always in the strictest confidence.

When engaging someone to help you in whatever capacity surely their track record (experience) should be a factor. Hiring someone to help you do something they have never done themselves doesn't strike me as sound strategy and you are within your rights and in fact should ask a few questions. I get that there are some without experience that could well be capable but if you're paying to learn something, should you be paying the person helping you to learn it as well? Has the person you are considering ever run a business (excluding the consulting / advising / coaching / mentoring they may now be doing)? Do they have any real life practical experience in doing what you want them to assist you with? What specific areas are you looking for assistance? Does the person you are considering seem a good fit for your business (staff, the way you do business)? More than that can you get feedback from past / existing clients that have been helped in this area? Testimonials, written or video are often scripted, in my opinion it's better to call and ask your own questions, can they provide you with real live references?

Before signing anything we'd also advise to be wary of contracts that are inflexible with fixed terms and notice periods. Remember it's your money and time you are about to invest and like anything you should be considering what are you getting in return, if that's not really clear, then it may be worth speaking to someone else or getting people you trust to recommend someone.