Business Review

The Business Review provides a complete analysis of all your key business functions and provides you with a series of reports including a SWOT analysis and Priority Action Plan, which you can either implement yourself or with our support.

The Enhanced Business Review provides a more comprehensive audit incorporating the Business Review with a separate review of the Company documentation including; Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Management Accounts and Financial Information. Reports include; Audit Scorecard, SWOT analysis, Priority Action Recommendations and a detailed feedback session.

The Capability and Alignment Review provides a sophisticated view of your organisation and how well it's organised to deliver great experience to customers in an efficient and profitable manner. The audit also identifies conflict within the organisation, which prevents the business fulfilling its full potential this audit is more suited to companies with more than 40 staff.

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How We Work

How we work

Every client relationship is different but the following points outline what you can expect when working with an advisor or associate from East Coast Consulting. We will be working for you and as your advisor we need to understand how your business currently works. Over one or two sessions, we will discuss your leadership, strategy, finances, service, sales & marketing, people, operations, culture and your personal work / life balance as the Managing Director / Owner. Following these sessions, we will have a look at the areas of the business that need the most immediate attention and agree a plan of action with you.

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