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The business consulting / advice / coaching / mentoring industry is unregulated and as such anyone can decide to be a business consultant / advisor / coach / mentor or some may attend an information session from one of the many franchise or template coaching systems out there and decide to give that a go.

Our difference is expertise from experience - We are not a franchise nor are we template based, all our associates are ex executives who have excellent track records of running, managing and growing businesses. Our role, as experienced business executives, is filling the gap by providing objective and practical advice or being a sounding board to bounce ideas off or talk to about any matter, and always in the strictest confidence.

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Harry Goldstein

Harry Goldstein is the principal of East Coast Consulting and is an internationally accredited business advisor with formal engineering and management qualifications backed by years of practical experience that he puts to good use when helping organisations improve their effectiveness and ultimately their bottom lines.

Harry left the corporate world to concentrate on helping the small to medium business owner get more out of life and that's delivered in the form of helping improve their businesses, which of course translates into a positive difference in their lives.

Harry uses years of practical experience in engineering, project management, manufacturing, production, lecturing, sales & marketing and executive management to deliver this. This experience has been in small, medium and large environments and a wide range of industries.

Harry's areas of specialty include; strategy, planning, sales & marketing, change management, the development of teams and individuals, turn around, cost reduction and profitability improvement.

Harry, as all the associates are, is an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business

Michael Ronai

Michael Ronai has over 20 years' experience in Management Consulting and before that had a 15 year career in the Commonwealth Government at senior level in several different Departments. His consulting career specialised in helping organisations to identify what is decisional information in their business and how this knowledge can be used to optimise their profitability.

Michael's area of specialty is Research and Development (R & D), which he uses to assist many companies to receive and optimise their entitlements.

R & D entitlements are a complex area which is not clear, to many managers and accountants, as to exactly what comprises R & D. Even companies already registered for assistance are not optimising the extent of their entitlements nor complying with record keeping requirements.

Michael is available to explain the ins and outs in detail, and mange this process to ensure easy and painless access to these entitlements.

Michael has a Bachelor of Economics with Honours in Economic Statistics and a sub-major in Accounting and is also an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business

Alan Gow

Alan Gow has in excess of 30 years manufacturing and management experience and has held senior positions with many major manufacturing and engineering companies. Alan's experience has been gained in the Automotive Manufacturing sector, the Water and Security Industries through to Sales and General Management in the Security and Air Conditioning Industries (HVAC).

Alan's area of specialty is helping businesses achieve ISO Quality Certification and to subscribe to lean manufacturing principals.

Alan has a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgy, an MBA in Technology Management and is a Chartered Practising Engineer and is also an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business

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01 Over 35 years of experience

02 Expertise from Experience

03 Practical advice and support

04 Proven track record