Your Business Taken to New Heights

Proven Business Acumen

Running your own business can be an exciting time but it can also be tough and lonely at times.

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Fresh Business Ideas

Operating a business is not just about working for yourself, it's also about having the necessary management skills and knowing if you're on the right track.

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Practical Support as Needed

We're here to offer practical advice and support, not only to help you succeed but also to troubleshoot any business issues. Get in touch for reliable assistance.

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Practical Business Solutions & Consulting

A A Wide Range of Business Expertise

Do you spend time focusing on using your strengths, interests and abilities to drive the business or do you feel like you spend most of the time on areas that are not your area of expertise but have to be done because they are part of business?

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B Building Your Business Growth & Prosperity

People start and go into business for all sorts of reasons but if you're not thinking of your business as an asset that you can influence the value of and are taking positive steps to achieve; then are you getting the best results / return for your effort?

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C We Help You to Improve Your Business

If you put a lot of focus on properly serving and communicating with your customers, there's a good chance your small business will be held in higher regard compared to fellow enterprises in your industry. Customers are extremely grateful for companies that treat them like they really matter - not like they're just another number.

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D Perfect Customer Care

Every business needs customers or there's no business. So many businesses claim service as a point of difference but when last were you truly impressed by great Customer Service? Does your business have clearly defined Customer Care policies? If your business does, is everyone in the business clear on their role in serving your customers and if not shouldn't there at least be a guide?

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We first engaged Harry in 2008 to help improve our business systems, processes and my confidence as a business owner. Harry's International business experience was just what I needed to confirm that we were heading in the correct direction. Harry is quietly spoken, punctual and guides with authority and confidence. If he doesn't have the answer, he will call on his vast network to find it. I would recommend anyone that is looking for Professional business guidance, to contact Harry and arrange an initial meeting and get to know him. Harry always said "for every dollar you spend on my services, my goal is to return you three". He has returned the three many times over.

I would like to thank you and your company for the professional advisory service provided to Shade to Order P/L over the past few years. Your marketing strategy is second to none and our business has grown exponentially after putting your recommendations and systems in place. I thought I knew just about all there was to know about running a successful business, after all I have been in business and employed people for more than 30 years. I soon discovered when an astute business professional reviews your business they find things that may need just a bit of tweaking to achieve different results, great results, excellent results. I like the fact that Harry Goldstein has been at the coalface in large and small business, he speaks from hard experience unlike many other business coaches that base their ideas on long accepted theory or accounting. Harry is professional, knowledgeable, quietly spoken and prompt. He knows about business because he's been there, he's one of us.

Harry from Your Virtual Board has been involved in supporting our business since 2009. Together we have formed a trusting professional relationship where Harry is exposed to all our business activities on a monthly basis. The vast experience, network and skills Harry brings to our business is used to constructively validate or challenge any of our business decisions from an objective perspective, to allow Archer to be sustainable, diversify and grow. To have a resource like Harry involved in our business on a regular and special project basis has helped us transform into a professional business that has been tested on critical challenges in the past and developed strong current business strategies as well, allowing Archer to succeed.


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