Team Development

People are the most complex facet of most businesses, each person is an individual and is significantly influenced by their own changing emotions. Knowing how to get the best from your team or at the very least have them all pointing in the same direction is the difference between an average and an excellent businesses. Staff that are engaged and challenged will always contribute significantly more than those that feel disconnected and it's surprising how many businesses run with disconnected staff. Our development program is able to mentor from the most junior to the most senior people in the business. We are also able to assist in the team selection and training process.

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How We Work

How we work

Every client relationship is different but the following points outline what you can expect when working with an advisor or associate from East Coast Consulting. We will be working for you and as your advisor we need to understand how your business currently works. Over one or two sessions, we will discuss your leadership, strategy, finances, service, sales & marketing, people, operations, culture and your personal work / life balance as the Managing Director / Owner. Following these sessions, we will have a look at the areas of the business that need the most immediate attention and agree a plan of action with you.

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