How we work

Every client relationship is different but the following points outline what you can expect when working with an advisor or associate from East Coast Consulting. We will be working for you and as your advisor we need to understand how your business currently works. Over one or two sessions, we will discuss your leadership, strategy, finances, service, sales & marketing, people, operations, culture and your personal work / life balance as the Managing Director / Owner. Following these sessions, we will have a look at the areas of the business that need the most immediate attention and agree a plan of action with you.

  • We will meet with you on a weekly, fortnightly or even monthly basis, as agreed. During these sessions, we will focus on solutions to rectify issues identified previously. We will also discuss what resources will be required to rectify the issue and create a list of items to be actioned within a specific time frame and in a sensible order.
  • As well as reacting to pressing issues, we will begin talking to you about the future of the business as well as your personal goals. For your business to be successful, it must get you closer to your personal goals. Your business advisor will ensure that you keep your eye on the bigger picture.
  • We will also be a resource available to your business. We will use our skills and skills within our networks to get directly involved in your business. It is important that we communicate regularly in order to get the results you want sooner than later.
  • We will assist with staff employment / redeployment, training and liaison where necessary. We are experienced in managing teams and will be able to assist you to manage the challenges that staff will present you with as your business grows.
  • We will be able to assist you to make more positive decisions. Having someone who understands your position and understands the pressure you're under can be important when a critical decision needs to be made - Think of your business advisor and associates as your own "Board of Directors" to act as a sounding board or provide business critical skills that you or your business do not currently have.