We Help You to Improve Your Business

We work exclusively with small to medium business owners / managers in the areas that are critical to business success but may not yet have been mastered in their business.

Our clients, unlike large organisations, generally don't have a management team experienced across a range of business critical disciplines at their disposal to help run their businesses as effectively as large organisations, it's often down to one or two individuals and that can be not only challenging but lonely too. We fill the gap and are able to provide practical advice and guidance or even just be someone to bounce ideas off or talk to.

Our associates are experienced across a broad range of business disciplines, many having started, run and sold their own businesses and we'd be only too happy to answer any questions or tell you more.

Our experience with many small to medium businesses has highlighted a few areas we'd like to share;

  • Most Managing Directors / Owners work too hard & receive too little reward
  • Most Managing Directors / Owners wear too many hats & have no plan to free themselves from the technical work of the business
  • Many do not have a strategy - and only get to where they are by chance
  • Many have not grasped that they can & should create a business that works without them
  • For most, the business consumes, rather than serves their lives
  • Many market & sell by ‘seat of pants' rather than apply proven marketing & selling strategies
  • Many fail to appreciate that in the best business, systems run the business & ordinary people run the systems

We've also found that Managing Directors / Owners

  • Have usually put up the money
  • Are dynamic, entrepreneurial
  • Strong in their own areas


  • Often lack broad business experience
  • Usually lack formal business training
  • Have no specialist advisors / board of directors

If your business is not performing exactly as you'd hoped or planned or you're stuck with a particular issue, why not call and let's discuss your options, all totally without obligation or cost.